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SPOT Trackers

SPOT units are currently unavailable for bookings.

There are many members heading off to wonderful destinations. Some members are taking the opportunity to rent a SPOT transponder from the Club so family and friends can follow their adventures.


RVYC members are charged the $40 fee for a SPOT, which can be billed to your club account number. That $40 charge covers the rental for the entire cruising season.  Otherwise you can pay cash or charge your credit card by informing the RVYC office. 

Non-Member rentals may be available. Request more information by clicking here.
A fee of $200 will be charged in the case of Loss or Damage.  


You, your friends, family and other members can follow your route, or the route of other boats at  It is suggested to try the SPOT before departure. 

After picking up your SPOT, turn it on (outdoors with good view of satellites) to confirm your yacht comes up on the site.  Give it 10 minutes to acquire. Remember to turn SPOT off when you’ve dropped your hook and back on when you raise it. 

Book a SPOT: 

Please fill out the form below to reserve your SPOT Tracker. Your SPOT will be available for pick up at the Administration Office.
Any questions, please email