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Welcome to the Royal Victoria Yacht Club, founded in 1892 by a group of passionate sailors dedicated to developing the art and sport that is sailing in our waters. Since then, our Club has grown into a community of boaters bound together by their love of the water.

We invite you to take part in the wide variety of boating, social and learning activities both on and off the water for year-round enjoyment of your membership. Living on the edge of the world-renowned Salish Sea we are privileged to be a launch point into an ocean playground.

RVYC is dedicated to the development of boaters of all experiences through education, mentorship, sport and camaraderie. RVYC has a strong tradition of nurturing the next generation of young sailors through its race team and junior program resulting in a vibrant and strongly bonded group of leaders in our sport.

Environmental stewardship of our local waters, community development and the strength of lifelong boating friendships are cornerstones of what we do. Coming together to socialize, relax, compete, learn and adventure together on the water is what bonds us and we invite you to join us! 

Membership Inquiry

Understanding Membership

The club offers different types of memberships, with a fee structure that is graduated by age categories, recognizing that young families often face greater financial obstacles than older people with more disposable income. The entrance fee increases with age and there are options with monthly dues to keep the cost down. Individuals interested in joining Royal Victoria Yacht Club can consider the following categories of Membership:

Membership Category Access to services and programs Voting Privileges Moorage
Junior Age 8-18 Partial No Small Boats on Floats
Affiliate 19+  Partial No Small Boats on Floats
Full Member 19+ Full Yes Yes
Temporary 19+  Partial No No
 **There are some limitations to these categories. For more information, please contact the Membership Coordinator at 250-592-2441 ext 115  

A membership, regardless of type, includes both partners in a spousal relationship. Both have equal access to all club privileges although they only have one vote at club meetings (provided that the membership category includes voting privileges). Children ages 8-19 whose parents are full members will have junior membership status under their parents’ account.

There are two main components to the cost of being a member: the Entrance Fee, which is a one time charge, and the Annual Membership Dues which are typically paid on a monthly basis. To find out more about membership fees, please submit an inquiry and a member of the administrative team will contact you shortly with more detailed information. 

Membership Category Entrance Fees Dues
Junior Age 8-18 $107.10 $16.67
Affiliate 19+  $214.20 - $1,499.40 $19.61 - $49.02
Full Member 19+ $535.50 - $3,748.50 $24.51 - $98.05
Temporary 19+  $749.70 Assoc. with category

Entrance fees include tax and are dependant on age category. Dues are billed monthly. 

A Temporary Membership is available to those who would like to join, but do not know anyone in the club and cannot find two sponsors. The membership is valid for up to one year during which the monthly fees are payable according to the membership category into which the person intends to join. Temporary Members can apply to become full members at any time during the year, at which point their Entrance Fee is payable according to the membership category they apply to join. Likewise, Temporary Members can terminate their temporary membership at any time.

What We Love To Do


Our cruising calendar is packed with at least ten organized social cruising events into the Gulf Islands, Puget Sound and beyond as well as winter events in the clubhouse or afield to keep our appetites whetted for the next cruising season. Cruising with friends, old and new is what we look forward to all year.


From learning to race, to the competitive circuit taking racers all over the Pacific Northwest and our race team to compete internationally, we strive for excellence in our sport from dinghies to keelboats. Sportsmanship, inclusivity and taking part make for a great day on the water.


Hosted and organized by RVYC this event is the largest yacht race on the west coast of North America. Started in 1930 it has grown to 1,000 sailors in hundreds of boats over six courses. The event depends on over 200 volunteers and pulls the boating community together across clubs and borders.

Sail Training and Youth Programs

Instructional sailing for all ages and experience is available from our award winning coaches. Further development through joining the race team will take you around BC and overseas. We offer a School Sailing League to our local high school students to give them the all important exposure to the joys of sailing at a young age. Our Education Series provides seminars throughout the winter taught by our members and marine professionals for our continuing education in a wide variety of topics.

Club Boats for Rent

Boat ownership should not be a barrier to getting on the water! RVYC offers a range of vessels for you to rent from keelboats to kayaks and paddleboards.


We know that the best thing about cruising is getting away from it all. How about escaping to our delightful outstation at Long Harbour on Saltspring Island? This hideaway has everything you need for a relaxing weekend with friends with a clubhouse, pavilion and plenty of dock space. We also have dock space in Friday Harbor on San Juan Island for six vessels.

Marinas and Clubhouse

The best thing of all, is that at the end of a race, or on the final day of a cruise you have somewhere to come home to that has everything you and your boat need. Our clubhouse and marina in Cadboro Bay offers 256 slips while our marina in Sidney offers 63 slips and 22 boathouses. Cadboro Bay also has a marine way, hoists, cranes and a workshop for you to maintain your favourite boat. Clubhouse dining and bar service at Cadboro Bay is available year round with spectacular views in which to unwind after a day on the water.