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The RVYC has had a very active Cruising program for many, many years. The objective of the program has always been, and to this day still is, to provide opportunities for and support to members to get out on the water and broaden their boating skills while at the same time socializing and enjoying the camaraderie with like – minded members or just to relax and enjoy the beautiful cruising waters in our own backyard.

To meet this objective, the program offers organized cruises on specific holiday weekends and other non-holiday times, usually to somewhere in the Gulf Islands that is also accessible by car or ferry and/or where overnight accommodations such as camping or B&B’s are available, so members without boats can join in. There are also those long-standing traditional cruises such as the Commodore’s Cruise and Easter Cruise, which has for years been enjoyed by members of all ages. To top it all off, approximately every two years a longer distance cruise is organized to help cruisers venture farther afield with the support of having others around.

Technical and educational opportunities are provided or supported by the program to increase cruisers knowledge base or to assist them in meeting requirements set out by regulating government bodies. The cruising experience of some of our members and non- members are shared through dinners usually during the fall after returning from a cruise or in the spring before the fair- weather cruising season starts.

Cruising is more than attending program organized events, it is also about being on the water with just your own family and/or friends or even finding your favorite cove or anchorage where you just sit back and enjoy.

Portland Island Marine Park Hosting 

RVYC has been the official Marine Park Host for Portland Island Marine Park since 1987. We provide park host services from the Victoria Day weekend to the last weekend in September. RVYC Member Hosts moor to the Parks Canada float in Princess Bay.  Duties include providing information to visiting boaters in Princess Bay, through the park’s Marine Host program, and recording information to assist Parks Canada with park management.

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Shipping News 

The Shipping News includes the names of Reciprocal visiting yachts to Cadboro Bay with their assigned slip. This information is obtained at the time of registration by Foreshore Staff. This will facilitate members recognizing friends visiting and providing a warm welcome to our club to those yachts arriving from great distances. The Shipping News will also facilitate our goal of maintaining a record of total numbers of visitors and where they are travelling from.

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